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St. Catherine Labouré Catholic Church, Gymea

St. Catherine’s Catholic Parish is a welcoming, supportive, and faith-filled community of believers inspired by the life of Jesus Christ and emboldened by the truth, goodness, and beauty of the Catholic faith. We are called to make Christ present in our parish, in our local community, and in our world. We respect and uphold the dignity of all human life and strive to remain faithful to the intellectual richness of the teachings of Christ and His Catholic Church “in and out of season”.

Our Mission is to seek holiness in everything we do — to love, to know, and to give praise to God the Eternal Trinity. We desire to experience Christ’s mercy and to make this mercy known to others; to be a community committed to recognising Christ present in each person through our service to the wider community and in the joyful and reverent celebration of the sacraments, especially the Eucharist — the “source and summit” of the Catholic faith.


NEW PARISH “APOLOGETICS” GROUP: What is “apologetics?” Etymologically, the word means to “speak in defence” — in this case of the Catholic faith. Perhaps more than ever, knowing how to defend your faith in public and appreciating the intelligence of the Church’s teachings is a grave imperative. The evening begins with a 30-40 minute presentation on a topic and then 20 minutes of questions/discussion. It is possible a specific book will be chosen for everyone to follow. Although details are being finalised, at this stage, I intend to host this event on Wednesday evenings, which began Wednesday, 1 June.

Please refer to the latest Bulletin for full particulars and dates.

Please mark the dates in your diary. The working titles for these three talks are as follows:

What’s Going On in Our Parish in 2022?

Further details will be provided here shortly about the following new initiatives that will begin in our parish over the coming weeks. If you are at all interested in getting involved in any of the following, please get in touch!

A new mother’s prayer group; philosophy and theology classes; a monthly guest speaker; a new youth group that meets on Sunday evenings; the recommencement of Children’s Liturgy;
the inaugural “Labouré Lecture” and Parish Dinner.


Saturday Vigil: 5 pm

Sundays: 7:30 am, 9:30 am, and 5 pm

Mondays: 9:15 am Mass only

Tuesdays: 8:30 am-9:10 am Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament followed by the 9:15 am Mass
Wednesdays: 8:30 am-9:10 am Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament followed by the 9:15 am Mass
Thursdays: 8:30 am-9:10 am Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament followed by the 9:15 am Mass
Fridays: 8:30 am-9:10 am Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament & Benediction followed by the 9:15 am Mass
Saturdays: 8:30 am-9:10 am Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament & Benediction followed by the 9:15 am Mass

Please Visit our Youtube Page and Facebook Page for further information.

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Confession will be available before and after every Weekday Mass (including Saturdays).
Please approach me if you wish to receive the Sacrament.
During the morning Adoration, I will be sitting at the front of the Church near the confessional.
On Saturdays, I will be in the confessional immediately following the morning 9:15 am Mass for as long as necessary and from 4:30 – 4:55 pm.

Parish Rosary Via Zoom:
every Saturday Morning at 10 am

All are welcome to pray the Holy Rosary together each Saturday morning at 10 am.
This was started during the lockdown but a number of people have asked for this to continue.
Each rosary will be offered for various intentions. Please find the Zoom link/Phone number below.
Please contact the parish if you have any questions. Feel free to invite your friends and family to join us.

To join our parish rosary, either;
(1) call the phone number below and enter the meeting code; or
(2) copy and paste the following link below into your address bar above.
Note, you will need to have downloaded Zoom onto your computer for this link to work. (https://zoom.us/signup)

Topic: Parish Rosary: St Catherine’s Gymea
Time: Every Saturday at 10am: Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Password: 1234

Join from telephone (meeting ID: 694 7578 9620): (02) 8015 2088 (Sydney)
International numbers available: https://sydneycatholic.zoom.us/u/ecwj88Pys1

Join from Skype for Business (Lync):

Important Notice Regarding Containers for Fiji



Remember to Support our Local Village Shops

Fruiticious with Wally & Wadih – two Maronite Catholics
Taste Buds, with Bebe and her young family – the youngest is in Year 5 at St Cath’s
The Gymea Lily (Home & Kitchenware) now owned by parishioner, Peter McGrath



¨ All congregants it is only preferred that you wear a MASK whilst inside the Church

¨ There must be “NO” entry to site if unwell

¨ All congregants are reminded that they should leave the Church after the service and not mingle

¨ All congregants are reminded of the requirement for physical social-distancing

¨ All congregants are asked to take their bulletin with them after Mass and NOT return them to the area where they are stored or leave them on seats


The Gymea Legion of Mary involves members from Oyster Bay and Miranda parishes who have since joined the Gymea Praesidium.
The Legion meets in the Conference Room from 9:45 am (after the 9:15 am morning Mass) on Thursdays.
Enquiries can be made via the President, Mike Links:



Meets every Thursday evening at 6 pm inside the Church (Choir area) and the contact is Barry via email at:



Among the many things impacted by COVID 19 is our Catechist ministry. Many of our volunteers have been forced to discontinue serving as Catechist teachers, out of health concerns for themselves or their family members.
As a result, there are a number of Scripture Classes which do not have a Catechist teacher at present.
If you are in a position, health-wise, to volunteer to teach at the local schools, then please urgently contact the Coordinator, Karen at: catechists@stcaths.org.au

Special Prayer

Parish Credit Card Forms for Planned Giving (download, fill in, scan and email back or post) & New Envelope Contributors……


A message from the Archdiocese of Sydney

The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney upholds the dignity and rights of all children and is committed to ensuring their safety.
We recognise each child as a gift from God, and we value and encourage the participation of children
in all activities that enhance their spiritual, physical, emotional,
intellectual and social development.

Child sexual abuse is a crime.
The appropriate people to deal with crimes are the police.
If you, or anyone you know, have been abused,
please contact the police.

Alternatively, you can contact the

Safeguarding and Ministerial Integrity Office on (02) 9390 5810
or email at: safeguardingenquiries@sydneycatholic.org.

You may also want to speak to your Parish Priest,
Father Greg Morgan (02 9525.1138) (office@stcaths.org.au)
who will be able to provide support and guidance.

The Archdiocese has a legal obligation to report crimes to the police.