Welcome to St. Catherine’s, Gymea

Welcome to St. Catherine Labouré Catholic Church, Gymea Parish

St. Catherine’s Gymea Parish is a welcoming, supportive community of believers inspired by the life of Jesus. We are called to make Christ present in our parish, in our local community and in our world.

Our Mission is to know Christ and to make him known; to be a community committed to discovering Christ present in each person through our ministry to each other, our service to the wider community, and in the joyful celebration of the Eucharist and other sacraments.

A message from Father Greg Morgan, your new Parish Priest –
‘Thanks so much (Mons) Brian. I look forward much to seeing you. I hope and pray we can become regular acquaintances and that, I will be able to come to you every now and then for advice.
I promise to love the people with all my heart and soul. God Bless and thanks, (Father) Greg.’

MONDAY MASSES: Father Greg has indicated that he will be saying Monday morning Masses especially.

Please also refer to our Parish News & Related Files page for more Parish updates and messages from Mons & Father Morgan…
Please note, the last Bulletin published was 26/27 June when lock-down was initiated.

COVID-19 UPDATE – from 6 pm Saturday,
26 June – We are in Lock-down until midnight,
Friday, 16 July 30 July
Be advised that this lock-down has been extended to the end of July and may possibly go into August.

There are no Masses or Sacraments during this period.

Recently Deceased; 
Marie Carter, Pamela Neate (a former Parishioner from Grays Point, – her Funeral is Thursday, 29 July @ 2 pm),
Mirella Balzan, Purita San Pedro, Meryn Vanzin, Clare Davis, James (Jim) Patrick Walsh, Sister Jude Joseph,
Carolina Walker, Robert Cashman, Peter Hennessy, Denise Robyn Gocher.

We remember those whose Anniversaries we commemorate at this time:
Sister Gemma (the last of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Orange California who taught at the school),
Brother Charles Aquilina, Tom Anthony, Mario Balzan, Robert Camilleri, Maurillo Lobo, Doris & John Phillips, Bob Walker.

Roy & Mary Esplin, Lean Family, Martha Rojas Rojas, John Vincent Sidgreaves, The Holy Souls,
                                      and Deceased Members of the Friendship Club.

A Goodbye letter from the Mons

UCA News Global Newsletter

Two months since Chinese police arrested a Vatican-approved bishop, 10 priests and an unspecified number of seminarians for violation of religious rules, their fate and location remain unknown, prompting a Christian rights group to express concerns about their safety.

Shop locally to keep the Village alive, especially:

Wrights Butchery (now Meat Hook) run by young Daniel Geary
Taste Buds, with Bebe and her young family – the youngest is in Year 5 at St Cath’s
Fruiticious with Wally & Wadih – two Maronite Catholics
The Gymea Lily (Home & Kitchenware) now owned by parishioner, Peter McGrath


Dear parishioners, the ATO has approved a charity for tax deductibility for various financial, contributions to the Pacific and Asia. This does not include the supporting of religion.
The Charity is “Asia Pacific Foundation Ltd” and any monies given to me will be directed exclusively to that cause, which embraces most of our Fiji assisted works, eg: Boystown, Ra Maternity Hospital and Hospitals in general, Hostels, Nursing Homes, etc.
Every cent will go to the charities. Any administrative costs; audit, stamps, overseas bank charges, etc. will be paid for by me personally.
I hope you can support your previous good works by giving to the Foundation.

An email received during the week from Rosemary Joe – the Archbishop of Fiji’s secretary:

“I hope you are keeping well. This is just a little note to thank you and your kind parishioners for the rosaries. We packed them in little bags with the prayer of St. Joseph and gave them out together with the ration packs that the Archdiocese handed out to families greatly affected by this COVID-19 lock-down.” 
Stay blessed. 

Due to continuing ill health, Monsignor has advised that he has had to cancel the Cocktail party Evening which was scheduled for Friday, 23 July.
Mons was taken to emergency yesterday (Monday, 28 June) and told to rest as well as being given medication. He will be around (after this current lock-down) and most grateful for parishioners to simply come up to him and wish him well.

‘Dear All, You have been advised that a farewell at the Gymea Bowling Club for Friday 23rd July has now been cancelled.
The reason for this was my G.P. sent me to Emergency at Sutherland Hospital on Monday 28th, and since then have spent most of the time in bed.
My health issues at this stage are being highlighted and there would be no guarantee that I would be okay on the 23rd July to attend.
As I have 2 x lots of First Communion on Sunday 25th, I need to also ensure that I’m okay for this.
I’m grateful that you wanted to come to the farewell. As I intend to live locally in a home unit, there will be opportunities to catch up privately later in the year.


Please refer to our Bulletin (and attachments) of Sunday, 30 May 2021 for information and the email addresses of our local state politicians so you can have your say on this disgraceful act.

Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries NSW are researching the social and sustainability issues which affect our cemeteries and crematoria. We want to understand the different perspectives on the following:

  • the memorialisation of the deceased
  • forward planning for funerals, burials and cremations
  • urban cemeteries as multi use communal spaces, and
  • the sustainability of cemeteries and crematoria into the future

These insights are crucial as our cemeteries and crematoria develop strategies to address the challenges presented by an ageing and multicultural population, land shortages, and environmental concerns.

Your insights and feedback are so valuable, and we hope you take the time to participate in this unique piece of research.

Click here to do the survey.



¨ All congregants it is preferred that you wear a MASK whilst inside the Church

¨ There must be “NO” entry to site if unwell

¨ All congregants MUST sign in by providing name and contact number – MUST BE CLEARLY PRINTED and one person per line and NOT grouped together – that is ONE NAME PER LINE !!!!!!!!

¨ All congregants are reminded that they should leave the Church after the service and not mingle

¨ All congregants are reminded of the requirement of 1.5m rule for physical distancing – 200 maximum

¨ All congregants SHOULD wear masks during any service & afterwards

¨ All congregants are asked to take their bulletin with them after Mass and NOT return them to the area where they are stored or leave them on seats

¨ Maximum number of people within the Church space is 200 being 1 person per 2 square metres


The Gymea Legion of Mary welcomes members from Oyster Bay and Miranda parishes who have now joined us.
The Legion meets in the Conference Room from 9:45 am after the 9:15 am morning Mass on Thursdays.
Enquiries can be via the President, Mike Links:


Meets every Thursday evening at 6 pm inside the Church (Choir area) and contact is Bruno via email at: medumedjugorjeprayegroup@stcaths.org.au


Among the many things impacted by COVID 19 is our Catechist ministry. Many of our volunteers have been forced to discontinue serving as Catechist teachers, out of health concerns for themselves or their family members.
As a result, there are a number of Scripture Classes which do not have a Catechist teacher at present.
If you are in a position, health-wise, to volunteer to teach at the local schools, then please urgently contact the Coordinator, Elena at: catechists@stcaths.org.au

Special Prayer

Parish Credit Card Forms for Planned Giving (download, fill in, scan and email back or post) & New Envelope Contributors……

St Catherine’s Primary School Link


A message from the Archdiocese of Sydney

The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney upholds the dignity and rights of all children and is committed to ensuring their safety.
We recognise each child as a gift from God, and we value and encourage the participation of children
in all activities that enhance their spiritual, physical, emotional,
intellectual and social development.

Child sexual abuse is a crime.
The appropriate people to deal with crimes are the police.
If you, or anyone you know, have been abused,
please contact the police.

Alternatively, you can contact the

Safeguarding and Ministerial Integrity Office on (02) 9390 5810
or email at: safeguardingenquiries@sydneycatholic.org.

You may also want to speak to your Parish Priest,
Monsignor Brian Rayner (02 9525.1138) (office@stcaths.org.au)
who will be able to provide support and guidance.

The Archdiocese has a legal obligation to report crimes to the police.